The "BBTSolution™" for Securing Electronic Data

Regardless of what it is called, "The Internet," "Broadband," "IP" or any of the other names, the fact is everyone is moving in the direction of electronic data distribution. The Internet, the World Wide Web, "Cloud Computing," "Over The Top" video all have as their essence electronic data distribution. This is true whether the distribution is via landline, cellular, satellite or broadband. And all of those mechanisms have the same challenge: how to secure the communications, whatever they are, from where they originate to where they are intended to go. As is clear from recent events, security has become a major focus of electronic data distribution.

The "BBT White Paper on Secure Digital Communications" (see Technical-White Paper) gives a full explanation of the unique aspects that allow the BBTSolution to resolve many of the major challenges of electronic data distribution security, regardless of the form of transport (broadband, satellite, etc.) The newly patented security design embodied by the BBTSolution is an inexpensive hardware-based secure microchip incorporated into the communications path. It has already been built into a cable television set top box (see Cable). But that is only the start. It could be incorporated into television sets, DVR's, telephones, computers, and even portable "memory-stick" type devices (USB or virtually any other configuration).

This designed flexibility, along with the unique "downloadable" capability of the BBTSolution allows for virtually unlimited uses by unrelated companies, industries and individuals, none of whom have to "trust" any other with their security protocols. The security, and level of security deemed necessary, based on the nature of the data, is totally within the control of the party initiating the communication. As important, since there are no stored keys held by any "trusted authority," and the ad hoc keys created spontaneously for each communication path are unknown, even to the security provider, there is no way to "hack" or divulge those keys. Whether we are talking about "video on demand," internal corporate or government communications or electronic health records, all have the same two underlying characteristics; they are, at their base, electronic data communications, and they all require the sending and receiving parties to know that the information is going to the right person and cannot be intercepted or used by anyone else. That's what the BBTSolution accomplishes. Secure microchips are already in manufacture, and inexpensive hardware for originating data servers are already commercially available.