About BBT

Beyond Broadband Technology, LLC, (BBT™) has developed The BBTSolution™, an open specification downloadable security system (OSDS™) which does not require the use of a "trusted authority". The BBTSolution constitutes a unique, patented method (see our Patent/FAQ for further details) for establishing a secure communications path with either one-way or two-way devices as well as mechanisms for establishing authentication, authorization and reception of encrypted transmissions of voice, video or other data.

Originally designed for the cable television industry, to be incorporated in cable television set-top-boxes, televisions, DVR's, etc., BBTSolution downloadable security is totally unique, flexible and transmission-platform agnostic. It can be used in cable and telco broadband systems as well as any IP (Internet Protocol) device. (See our Technical White Paper for further details)

BBT, a Delaware Limited Liability Company formed in 2005, is actively engaged in assisting the integration and manufacture of cable television set-top-boxes and associated cable television headend controllers and equipment to utilize the BBTSolution, (see CABLE) BBT is not a manufacturer of this equipment, instead it licenses the underlying technology, which employs a secure microchip, and promotes the use of the BBTSolution in cable television systems of all sizes. A fully operational BBT cable headend with associated set top boxes is on display at CableLabs., the cable industry's non-profit research and development consortium headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Cable system deployments are under way nationwide.

BBT has also coordinated with a satellite transmission provider to facilitate packaged secure delivery of cable television programming utilizing the BBTSolution embedded encryption for an "end-to-end" solution for cable program delivery. (See CABLE)

BBT's principals have over 100 years of combined experience in the cable television industry. (See Profiles)

The unique properties of the BBTSolution downloadable security design make it an ideal technology for securing communications such as video programming and electronic health records transmitted over the public Internet (see Internet). Discussions are now on-going with various Internet information providers regarding the use of the BBTSolution in those applications. The recent national focus on Internet security makes the recent grant of a core patent to BBT (see Patent/FAQ) that much more timely.